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Current Must-Have Features for Your New Custom Home

Building a custom home offers a distinct range of advantages, and our experts at Guardian Homes can help you turn the dream into a reality. Before starting the project, though, you must make a list of the custom home features that you wish to integrate into the property.

While it’s vital for your custom-built home to have some unique and personal features, understanding these custom home trends will help you unlock the full potential of your property. In this quick guide, we’ll look at some of the most popular recent styles as well as the must-have items for 2024 and beyond.

The Must-Have Custom Home Features Right Now

First and foremost, you will need to confirm that your property is in a suitable location. Then, you can outline the other fundamental requirements your home will need, like having enough rooms for your family. After this, focusing on the custom home options outlined below will lead you to success.

Home office

Home offices have been seen in luxury homes for several decades. However, the pandemic caused a huge spike in the number of people working from home (either full-time or through hybrid working). Since then, many organizations have become far more flexible with remote work, too. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, there is a very strong possibility that you might have the chance to work from home. As such, home workspaces have become a necessity for many.

The addition of an office space has, unsurprisingly, been one of the hottest custom home trends in recent years. A dedicated home office to support your work-from-home status enables you to remain productive. Moreover, it creates a clear psychological barrier that enables you to make the mental switch from work mode to leisure mode when you’re in other parts of the house. Of course, the home office can also add more value to the property as well as your work-life balance.

When designing the home office, you must ensure that it has good lighting and ergonomic furniture, as well as all the furniture and equipment needed to perform your tasks. Ideally, you should pick a location that is separated from loud areas, too.

Smart home system

The best custom home features don’t only embrace recent styles that will keep you smiling for the short haul. They create a home environment that is capable of delivering years of happiness. Understandably, advanced technology sits at the heart of this concept, and smart home systems are the key to building your dream home of tomorrow. When used effectively, smart tech can enhance your home life on a daily basis.

First and foremost, you can use the latest technologies for climate control. HVAC systems and smart thermostats can use machine learning to adapt the home to your habits and preferences. Smart tech can also include voice-activated lighting and TVs, as well as appliances that can be managed from your smartphone. Aside from automating many household tasks to save you valuable time, tech-based custom home features can also extend to surveillance via smart camera systems.

Smart home tech also makes it easier to reduce energy consumption through added efficiency and the use of renewables. You can save money while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

Outdoor patio or grill station

When thinking about the latest custom home trends, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to internal features. Well-designed external living spaces bring a whole new dimension to the home. While several luxury features could be incorporated into your home build, ranging from swimming pools to tennis courts, an outdoor patio should be at the top of your agenda. It could encourage you to spend more time enjoying your private plot of nature.

A stylish outdoor living space encourages you to make the most of your environment and scenery. A luxury grill station turns it into the perfect setting for hosting social gatherings. You might find that family mealtimes and chilled Sunday afternoons are significantly improved. Incorporating recessed lighting, heaters, and entertainment features (like projector screens) can further enhance your space.

Another popular custom home trend is a raised patio that overlooks the garden landscape. Many homeowners choose to connect their outside spaces to their internal living areas via sliding glass doors. 

Expansive smart windows

If building an eco-friendly property is a priority for your custom home project, it's not enough to simply focus on appliances and solar roof panels. You also need to focus on using materials and custom home features that can conserve energy. Expansive smart windows are easily one of the best solutions, which is why many new home builders should look to integrate them. They protect the environment, save you money, and offer incredible versatility.

Traditional windows can be responsible for up to 30% of heat loss in residential properties. Large smart windows, also known as switchable windows, can be turned from standard glass windows to “smart frosted mode” with the click of a button. A PDCL (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals) layer provides privacy when needed, and it can also be set to maximize the usage of natural light and heat. 

The ultra-durable windows also give the home a sleek and refined aesthetic from both the interior and exterior. They feature the latest security measures, meaning they are built to last while also providing the aforementioned benefits.

Guardian Homes: Your Premier Custom Home Builder in Idaho Falls

When building your dream home, consider all the custom home features that regularly appear on modern homeowners' wish lists. Equally vital is ensuring that every aspect of building a home, from the materials and location to the layout and costs, meets your requirements. Our experts at Guardian Homes will guide you through every step of the process.

Contact us today to take the first step to building your dream home. Our experts are happy to discuss all the current features we can provide in the construction of your new custom home.


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