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Custom Home Building Creates Lasting Value

Custom home building offers obvious benefits over purchasing an existing house or building a home from a preset floor plan design that cannot be altered. By building a custom home, you can ensure that your house meets your precise specifications and incorporates your unique personal style throughout.

Of course, the sheer expense of a home, whether it is custom-built or already in existence, will play an extremely important role in any buying decision. While custom home building can certainly make residents more content in their new abodes, how does it affect their ultimate bottom line financially?

Reasons Why Custom Home Building Is A Lasting Investment

Here are just four ways that custom home building can help create lasting value and boost the overall financial worth of your house:

1. Custom Homebuilding Has A Wide Choice of Location

It is an old real estate joke that has become something of a cliché. What are the three most important things to consider when buying a property? Location, location, and location! If you’ve heard this little witticism a few times before, there is a very good reason. It just happens to be true.

More than any other single factor or characteristic, the location of your home has the greatest impact on both its current financial value and its future potential as an investment. Beyond the attractiveness of the neighborhood and surrounding area, location will likely impact other home value issues, such as floor plan design and total square footage.

Compared with searching for an existing home, custom home building gives you a great deal of latitude when it comes to choosing your location. Whether you want to build a custom home in Idaho or live way out in the country, at the heart of the city, or anyplace in-between, you can maximize value through custom home building.

2. Custom Homebuilding Provides Comprehensive Construction Oversight

While planning and building a custom home, you have a unique ability to optimize, pivot, and change at any time. This gives our diligently involved home builders ample opportunities to boost overall home value along the way.

Imagine, for example, that you and your custom home building team managed to install plumbing infrastructure at a price that was under budget. You may want to use the money that you have saved to install granite countertops in the kitchen or splurge on that extremely high-end bathroom sink.

3. With Custom Homebuilding You Have A Full Home History

If you decide to build your own custom home, you will not only be the first and only owner of that home, but you will know exactly how that home was designed and constructed. This will give you a considerable leg up when it comes to adding value through future upgrades, updates, and renovations.

Knowing your full home history, you don’t need to worry about finding bad wiring when you want to install those new recessed ceiling lights or toxic asbestos insulation when repairing damaged drywall. And because you played such an integral role in the home design process, you can knock down that non-load-bearing wall for your new sunroom with supreme confidence.

4. Experienced Custom Home Builders

To bring your dream home to life, you should partner with Guardian Homes. We are an experienced construction company that specializes in custom luxury homes. Our custom home builders offer personalized attention to detail that often involves luxury features and extremely high levels of quality control.

The Guardian Homes team of custom home builders in Park City, Utah and Idaho Falls, Idaho take an incredible amount of pride in their work and aim to deliver exceptional final results. We are specialists when it comes to creating a home that will not only meet your personal wants and needs, but lead to extraordinary financial value within the housing market.

Of course, a luxury property feature, like a smart home system or spa, is bound to increase value immediately, but other features can build value over time. For example, a Guardian's custom home builders can install energy-efficient equipment and infrastructure that can dramatically cut heating and cooling bills.

Guardian Homes Custom Home Builders In Idaho and Utah

The experts at Guardian Homes are happy to answer any question that you might have about the relative value of custom home building. Headquartered in Idaho Falls, Guardian Homes builds luxury custom homes in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Washington.

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