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Houseplants Are a Must Have for Your Home

A great way to liven up your home is by placing houseplants throughout multiple rooms. Are you a gardening master or do you have a brown thumb? However you describe yourself, there are houseplants to fit your skill-set. 

In our opinion, every room can benefit from a touch of something organic. Do you love macrame hangers you see on Instagram or are you curious to try out that DIY display you saw on Pinterest? Get inspired and embrace your inner gardener. 

Getting Started

The most important thing you need to do first is to pick plants that best suit your space and lifestyle. Accurately assess the lighting in the room and be realistic about how much you want to water the plant. 

Best Plants for Beginners

No green thumb? No worries! If you have little to no gardening experience but want to add plants to your home, we have just the thing. We suggest you focus exclusively on succulents and cacti. Succulents and cacti are resilient and do not require intensive upkeep or watering, which is why it is perfect for a person with little planting experience. 

There are many different types of cacti that can thrive indoors. Not all cacti have prickly spines like the hedgehog cacti or prickly pear. Some can surprisingly be beautiful and have blooming flowers like the Christmas cactus or the Aporocactus flagelliformis (also known as a rat tail cactus). 

Succulents are another go-to plant for people with a brown thumb. These plants offer endless color variations and are an easy way to decorate your home. Our favorite easy-to-grow succulents include: aloe vera, the jade plant, echeveria, and crown of thorn.

If you are interested in learning more about gardening and plants, you can always check out local workshops and classes. 

Design Tips For Gardening Masters

Are you a gardening master that wants to give your home a lush green look? If you answered yes, then you know you will need to be strategic about the plants you buy. Start by diversifying your plant picks and place them thoughtfully throughout your home. Hang some plants indoors from the ceiling, and place large plants in pots on the floor.

  • Incorporate Large Potted Plants
    To add dimension and drama to any room, add a large floor-standing potted plant. Not only does the plant itself add decoration to your space, but you can find gorgeous ceramic or clay planters in pretty much any color or shape. Fiddle leaf fig, bird of paradise, and lady palms are a few of our must-have large indoor plants.

    A palm plant is generally low-maintenance and easy to care for. The fiddle-leaf fig tree is popular but can be finicky, so you will want to make sure to choose the right potting soil. 

  • Plants for Small Spaces
    Adding plants to small spaces is the perfect way to brighten up a bathroom, living room side table, or bedside nightstand. You do not need a large plant to make a large statement. Orchids and bamboo are perfect for bathroom ledges and shelves as they live well in humidity. Snake plants are great for tight spaces because they grow vertically and can grow in a variety of light, but thrive best in indirect sunlight.

    DIY projects like small plant terrariums are another way to incorporate indoor plants into your space. 

  • Trailing Plants
    Add more visual interest in your home with trailing plants for shelves, hanging baskets, and window sills. Ivy, pothos, string of pearls, and spider plants are all great options to tastefully add greenery and texture to your home.

  • Think Beyond Traditional Houseplants
    You do not have to stick to the traditional houseplants. We love the idea of growing indoor vegetables and culinary herbs. 
    Experience the joy of growing your own food. Radishes, lettuce, and other greens can easily be grown indoors.

    Never fall short on herbs when you are cooking when you have a readily available resource from the comfort of your home. Easy culinary herbs you can grow indoors are basil, oregano, rosemary, cilantro, and parsley.

Benefits of Houseplants

Aside from the aesthetics of indoor plants, they also provide many amazing health benefits.

  1. Clean Air. Some plants absorb toxins like carbon dioxide, as well as release oxygen. To read more about how plants remove air toxins, read research by NASA.
  2. Sharpen Focus. Houseplants can also sharpen focus - improve concentration, productivity, and reduce stress levels.
  3. Reduce Noise. Plants have also been used to reduce noise because their leaves absorb or reflect background noise.

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