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If there's one thing that's true in construction, it's that you're only as good as your tools. On the job site and in the office, one of the best tools we use to ensure that our projects always come to completion successfully is Buildertrend. A software program or app that gives us plenty of connectivity between the office and the field, Buildertrend makes it easier for us to keep everyone on the team on the same page, from the initial grading and foundation work on your property to the tip of the roof and landscaping surrounding it. It even keeps our clients in the loop about how their project is coming, saving you time and effort over builders who constantly have you out to the job site. Here's how Buildertrend helps us keep your project on track and on time.

How Guardian Homes Uses Buildertrend to Manage Your Luxury Home Project

Bidding and Estimating Process

Buildertrend provides our company with a single location where we can track all of our customer contacts, from initial inquiries to future projects with existing clients. We manage all of our bidding and estimating process in Buildertrend, including bid requests from prospects to multiple contractors. We also handle our contract process within the app, making it easy for you to sign off on your project, specific changes and similar paperwork, from wherever you happen to be at the moment with an internet connection. No meetings to schedule around, no phone calls to wait for and no important details to miss - when you work with Guardian, we work with your schedule and needs.

Project Management

At Guardian Homes, we understand that when you say you want your custom home to have specific features in a particular way, that's how they need to be. Buildertrend's project management side allows us to digitally mark up your blueprints to add notes on these issues, ensuring that a post-it note left on site doesn't get knocked down or blown away. We're able to use our daily logs to send you updates, including how weather is impacting your build time. Our crew is managed by our to-do system in Buildertrend, so everyone knows what to do during the course of the day instead of waiting around wasting time. The scheduling feature automatically syncs to multiple calendar apps, and we can easily share documents, videos and photos with you so you can see how it's coming along, while the warranty option tracks all of your home materials warranties in one easy location.

Financial Tools and Features

We've all heard horror stories about contractors who suddenly need a payment without any warning, because of the expense of materials, having to bring in additional crew members or similar issues. With Buildertrend and Guardian Homes, you don't need to worry about that. Our financial tools are tied in with our accounting system, and you'll receive automatic payment reminders and deadlines that you can quickly pay at your convenience online. No more running to the office to drop off a check! The budget tools in Buildertrend also allow us to track our expenses as we go, giving us a forecast of where the project will end up, so decisions can be made at the time to economize in specific areas or provide additional financing.

By understanding some of the tools that we use on your project site, you have a better understanding of how Guardian Homes provides the best possible craftsmanship, attention to detail and outstanding service. Using tools like Buildertrend allows us to deliver higher value and better results for our clients, time and again. If you're considering having a luxury custom home built, why not go with the best? As the 2021 Builder of the Year by Eastern Idaho Home Builders Association, we've spent the past 15 years building an outstanding reputation as the area's premier custom luxury home builder. Why not reach out today and see what Guardian Homes can do for your luxury home project?

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