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Perks of Building a Custom Home in Pocatello

Building your own home is a very exciting and momentous task. There are many factors to consider and decisions to be made. However, that is the beauty of it; they are your choices. How large will your kitchen be? How many bedrooms? What do you want your yard to look like? The possibilities are endless.

While many important factors are important, location is an essential part of building a house. Pocatello is an increasingly popular location for custom homes. This delightful town in Idaho has so much to offer its residents. Great schools, plenty of amenities, and low living costs are reasons homebuilders choose to relocate to this quaint town.


Affordability is a significant issue for would-be homeowners right now. Recent research shows that around 99% of available real estate in America is unaffordable for average earners. The cost of home ownership has risen so sharply that just 42.1% of US homeowners could afford their homes if they were to buy them at today’s market value.

Choosing to live in a location with lower living costs, such as Pocatello, Idaho, offers aspiring homeowners a more affordable solution. According to Zillow’s June 2024 report, the average price of a house in Pocatello is $327,353, which is below the national average of $360,681.

Abundant Outdoor Recreation

Spending time outdoors surrounded by nature offers many benefits for our physical health and mental well-being. Getting outside and into the fresh air is the perfect way to stay active and relieve stress.

Residents in Pocatello have plenty of opportunities to surround themselves with the beauty of nature. Whatever activity you are into, you will find it in Pocatello. Some of the exciting locations and leisure activities available near Pocatello include:

  • Skiing at the Pebble Creek Ski Area and East Fork Mink Creek Nordic Center
  • Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex, Disc Golf Course, and Mineral Pools
  • Golf at the Riverside Golf Course and Highland Golf Course
  • Outdoor swimming and water slide, lazy pool, and kiddie’s pool at The Ross Park Aquatic Complex

Excellent Career Opportunities

Residents in Pocatello benefit from excellent career opportunities and employment prospects. The city has a low unemployment rate, currently at 3.1%, which is below the national average of 4%.

Pocatello’s primary employers include:

  • Allstate Insurance
  • Amy’s Kitchen
  • Bannock County
  • City of Pocatello
  • Idaho Central Credit Union
  • Idaho State University
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Pocatello Chubbuck School District 25
  • Portneuf Medical Center
  • Walmart

Highly-Rated Schools

If you have children, researching the local schools is essential before considering moving to a new area. In addition to ensuring that your kids get a good education, having highly-rated schools close by can add value to your home. Pocatello has been ranked as one of the 50 best places in the United States for families to live. 

Pocatello’s highly-rated schools include:

  • Edahow Elementary School
  • Gate City Elementary School
  • Franklin Middle School
  • Hawthorne Middle School
  • Pocatello High School

Convenient Transportation

In addition to offering excellent schools and an abundance of recreational activities, Pocatello enjoys convenient transportation links. The city is served by Pocatello Regional Airport, which offers two flights a day to Salt Lake City International Airport and 325 international destinations via the Delta Connection service.

Pocatello Regional Transit (PRT) offers public transportation in Pocatello and throughout  Bannock County, Bingham County, Bear Lake County, Box Elder County, Caribou County, Franklin County, and Power County. 

PRT operates convenient commuter routes that run on a faster schedule. Paratransit door-to-door bus services are also available for senior citizens and qualifying disabled passengers who cannot access the main bus service.

Traveling in and out of Pocatello is easy thanks to its proximity to interstates, including Interstate 15, which runs through San Diego County to Montana.

Pocatello is an exciting place to live for those who prefer to cycle or walk. The city already boasts excellent trails, including the Portneuf Greenway, and work is underway to create a network of paved pedestrian and bicycle trails across the Pocatello Chubbuck area.

Growing City With Small-Town Charm

Pocatello is one of those rare locations that offers all the benefits of living in the city, combined with small-town charm and breathtaking natural beauty. The abundance of land is a significant perk for homebuilders, as it allows for larger lot sizes and a more extensive choice of locations.

The city was founded in 1889 and soon earned the name “Gate City,” as it served as a gateway for pioneers and gold miners to the Pacific Northwest and Idaho.

Since then, Pocatello has evolved and continues to grow, making it an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to reap the benefits of building a custom home in a city that continues to grow in popularity.

Pocatello’s population is just over 59,000. This small population allows residents to enjoy increased employment opportunities and to fully utilize the city’s recreational facilities, natural spaces, and cultural buildings, such as the Bannock County Historical Complex and Historic Downtown Pocatello. 

Are You Ready to Build Your Custom Home in Pocatello?

The growing city of Pocatello offers the best of both worlds for anyone wanting to build a custom home in beautiful natural surroundings while enjoying all the convenience of city life. The low cost of living and high quality of life offered by Pocatello make it an especially attractive option for homebuilders looking for exciting employment opportunities and an array of recreational activities.

Are you ready to enjoy the perks of living and working in Pocatello? Contact Guardian Homes to learn more about building your custom home in Pocatello.

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