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Why Building a Custom Home Provides You With More Options

Most people have considered building a custom home at some point in their lives. However, custom home projects aren’t just for the realm of fantasy. In fact, custom home projects account for 17% of new single-family homes built in the U.S., with almost 200,000 started annually.

Prospective homeowners should understand the advantages of owning a custom home before embarking on a project. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Building a Custom Home Possible?

The short answer is absolutely. The numbers above show that building a custom home is possible. Many people believe that building a custom home will never be financially feasible for them, but that is far from the truth. You can finance your build with a mortgage in the same way you would if you were buying a pre-existing property from someone else. 

While custom home projects can take a little longer than standard properties, most homeowners can expect to have the job finished in 10-24 months. With the help of a dedicated luxury custom home builder on your side, the process can run even smoother than you imagined.

Building a custom home may seem complicated, but it’s a relatively simple process. First, you acquire a plot of land, then you design and plan with your home builder, and finally, you allow the contractors to complete the work. After that, the new home is yours to enjoy.

Reasons To Build a Custom Home

The advantages of owning a custom home are plentiful and ultimately lead to a better quality of life. Here are some of the key features to consider:

Greater control over the home's exterior

Building a custom home gives you optimal control over every aspect of the home’s exterior. This allows you to build a property that truly feels like your own and creates a striking first impression. You can choose features such as paint color, materials used, and more that match your taste.

Custom home projects can also integrate stylistic features that surround the home, like entry gate systems, solar roof panels, luxury driveways, and garden landscapes. 

More input on the room layout

Building a custom home gives you the best chance of creating a home that is big enough for your family’s needs. This will be one of the most noticeable benefits that can genuinely enrich the experience of everyone living in the home.

By working closely with your custom home builder, you can ensure that the property not only contains the right number of rooms but is strategically positioned in relation to each other. For example, you can keep the home office away from noisy settings or ensure that the baby’s bedroom is close to yours while teenagers have privacy. Additionally, you can factor in the location of bathrooms and storage spaces to align with your family’s preferences.

The layout of each room can help maximize the square footage and unlock the full potential of your new home. 

Beautiful interior options to select from

Building a property with the dimensions to match your needs is great. However, it’s a beautiful interior that makes a house a home. Custom home projects allow you to start from scratch, meaning every aspect of the interior design is built around your preferences. This can serve as a far better option than moving into a home designed by the previous owner.

You will have full control over the flooring, cabinetry, kitchen counters, bathroom fittings, furniture choices, door styles, color schemes, and more. You can find inspiration from some of our previous projects, as well as other outlets like social media. In reality, though, you probably already have an image in your mind of what you’d like your home to look like. As long as you have the right team working on your project, they can bring your vision to life.

Most homeowners will spend thousands of dollars redecorating and adapting the homes they’ve purchased to fit their tastes. With custom builds, this is not an issue.

More expansive home technology selection

Building materials and interior design trends aren’t the only things that have evolved over the years. Home technology has also progressed at a rapid pace, especially over the past decade. One of the other key advantages of owning a custom home is that you can choose to incorporate the latest and greatest tech products on the market.

Custom home projects can integrate smart home features that control everything from the thermostat to the TV. You can choose to install extra luxuries like voice-activated controls. Upgraded HVAC systems and concepts like recessed lighting can also be built into your design.

With custom home projects, you can have a futuristic home today. Updated technology is often “greener” and helps protect the planet.

Enhanced control over the home's location

When buying or building a property, you aren’t just investing in a home. You are buying into a new life. Therefore, location is an essential ingredient in the recipe for satisfaction. Purchasing a plot of land in a location of your choice means you get to build your dream home and your dream life.

You can select a scenic location in a quiet neighborhood or one that’s close to your extended family. Alternatively, you can opt for a spot that is close to great schools or has good travel links for business purposes. Only you know what matters most to you when finding the right location. 

There is no greater frustration than loving your home but hating your neighborhood. Building a custom home enables you to bypass this problem and select an optimal living situation.

Why Guardian Homes for My New Custom Home Build?

The advantages of owning a custom home are plentiful, but they can only be experienced if you partner with the right custom home builder. Guardian Homes has rich experience in the luxury home-building industry, and we are eager to help you build the home you’ve always hoped for. Contact us today to learn more.


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