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Building High-End Luxury Homes with Guardian Homes

When building a luxury home, one thing is for certain, custom creates value. This is especially true when working with experienced home builders at Guardian Homes. Each and every one of our homes is hand-crafted with the customer needs and quality in mind. So what exactly makes a home high-end? Let us explain it further for you. 

Talk to our team of home builders in Idaho to discuss building a luxury home near Idaho Falls, Ammon, Pocatello, Rexburg, or Island Park. We also service clients near Park City. If you are interested in building a luxury home in Utah, reach out to our team of home builders in Park City

What Makes a Home Considered High End?

  1. Prime Location
    The location serves as one of the most integral parts of the custom home building. Not only is a beautiful location a desirable factor, but how your home is situated and constructed matters for site design to ensure your home is efficient. Our homes are designed to work in harmony with their surroundings. Whether in the mountains or foothills, along the waterfront, or near the city, Guardian Homes’ luxury homes are found in prime locations from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Park City, Utah.

  2. Square footage
    When it comes to high-end luxury homes, size matters. The greater the square footage, the more space designers, architects, and builders have to develop and customize. Typically, expensive luxurious homes featuring a larger number of rooms and areas dedicated to specialized amenities. In other cases, this additional space makes for larger, more open rooms and large master suites.

  3. Premium Materials
    Guardian Homes luxury homes use only the finest materials. We have constructed homes with marble countertops, custom-imported gold backsplash, decorative granite mantles, and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances to incorporate exclusive materials that truly make our homes achieve high-end status.

  4. Unique Design & Amenities
    High-end homes come in all shapes and styles, for luxury means something different to each homeowner. The features of these high-end homes provide classic comforts like swimming pools, spas, and tennis courts – to more modern attractions – like indoor salons, rock walls, and foam pits. If you can dream it, our custom luxury home builders can make it become a reality.

From concept to creation, Guardian Homes offers the best luxury home-building experience. We build large estates in prime locations across the country using only the best materials. Enjoy a unique, one-of-a-kind designed home designed with only you in mind. 

Working with a professional Luxury Home Builder

Building a custom home means you get the undivided attention of your very own team of builders, designers, architects, and interior decorators. Guardian Homes will guide you through the home building process with ease, from start to finish. 

  • Guardian helps you find the perfect piece of land
    Whether you have your eye on a lot in Ammon or you want to build somewhere else near Idaho Falls, we know how to properly design and plan your home layout based on the lot you choose. We evaluate everything from the soil to irrigation to the property layout before we begin building. Our luxury home builders can help you pick out the perfect piece of land and advise you on how to successfully design the perfect home. 
  • Guardian closely considers your home plan and layout
    Creating the floor plan is one of the greatest benefits of building your own custom home. We can help you decide which direction your living areas should be facing, how these areas will be lit (natural or artificial), and where to best fit those amenities you desire. We can create large, open spaces friends and family can enjoy, as well as elegant, intimate spaces you can enjoy in private. No matter what it takes, we will find a way to accommodate your needs.     
  • Guardian offers expert advice
    No matter how much research you do, chances are that you will need an expert before you break ground on your home. An experienced luxury home builder from Guardian Homes in Idaho Falls or Park City can provide you with the advice you need. We address all your concerns and offer insight into how you can enhance your design plan. Simply put, our luxury home builders can help you implement the perfect plan to suit your lifestyle. 

Contact Luxury Homebuilders in Idaho or Utah

Building a luxury home is complex. You need more than a contractor, you will need a trusted advisor who can educate you about whether everything is being done in the right sequence, whether anything is missing or lacking in quality, and that is exactly what we can do for you. 

To reach out to Guardian Homes about creating value in your luxury home, please call us in Idaho at (208) 521-2309 or (208) 604-6586 and in Utah at (435) 659-5087. We look forward to making your home dreams come true. 

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