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The Importance of a Watertight Home

When you think of your custom luxury home, you likely envision spacious rooms with tons of natural light and all the amenities. You may think about what type of steam shower it will feature and whether your luxury home builder will use granite or quartz for your kitchen countertops. 

Few of us ever think about how our dream home will react to moisture and condensation, but this is especially important in the region of the country we build in. 

A watertight home is essential in preventing the formation of harmful mold and bacteria. It’s what keeps our ceilings free from ugly water stains and our attic insulation dry and functional. If you’re in the planning stages of building the home of your dreams, talk with your luxury home builder today about the materials and techniques used to keep your home impervious to the forces of nature. Talk to our Luxury Home Builders in Idaho or reach out to our Home Builders in Utah for more information.

A Watertight Home Begins with the Foundation

To avoid the intrusion of water and moisture into spaces such as your finished basement, your luxury home builder begins with your home’s foundation. This means the yard and soil around the foundation are properly graded to direct rainfall away from your home. Typically, this means the ground slopes away from the foundation at least 6 inches in the first 10 feet. French drains may be added to ensure proper drainage. These help keep water and moisture outside, while your home’s interior remains comfortably dry. 

The Right Rain Gutters Are Vital

Rain gutters are your home’s second line of defense from water intrusion. Rain gutters protect your roof from rot. They also protect the layer beneath your home’s siding. Last, they channel rainfall and precipitation away from your home’s foundation. Large roofs with steeper pitches require more downspouts because they direct more water. They may also require wider gutters. There’s a science to designing a gutter system that offers the right protection. Your luxury home builder will take the following into consideration:

  • The size of your roof

  • Your roof’s pitch

  • Average rainfall in the area

  • Speed of the rain flow off your roof

  • Size of the gutters used

  • Required number of downspouts

These factors all combine to give your home the right amount of protection from your climate’s annual precipitation. 

Adding a Sump Pump Is Another Line of Defense

But if you live in areas where the weather can be especially brutal, such as Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, or Utah, it never hurts to prepare for the worst. Even with the most minute attention to water damage prevention, most basements flood on occasion. And if this happens to your dream home, a sump pump in the basement makes clean up so much easier. A submersible pump is installed on the floor of your basement and automatically pumps water away from your home when flooding begins. This is a preventive measure that can save thousands of dollars in property damage for homeowners who live in areas where flooding is common. 

Trust Guardian Homes

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