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What does the Term Rough-In Mean?

When building a home you may start hearing terms you have never heard before, and that is okay, you are not expected to understand every facet of homebuilding - that is where we come in. 

Guardian Homes has over 15 years of homebuilding experience. We are expert home builders that know planning and coordination help maximize efficiency and productivity during every phase of construction. Talk to our team of home builders in Idaho to discuss building a luxury home near Idaho Falls, Ammon, Pocatello, Rexburg, or Island Park. We also service clients near Park City, Utah. If you are interested in building a luxury home in Utah, reach out to our team of home builders in Park City



Once the framing of a home is up, the rough-in stage of construction can begin. Not sure what we mean by "rough-in," let us explain. The "rough-in" is when mechanical, electrical, and plumbing lines are laid out in the home. Final connections are not made until later in the project. 

In order to begin the rough-in process, the basic framework of the home must be completed. This includes interior walls, floor joists, sub-flooring, ceiling joists, roof rafters, etc. 

Our project managers keep you up to date throughout each stage of the rough-in process. We use construction management tools to make sure the rough-in process runs smoothly and minimizes delays. 

Types of Rough-Ins

  • Mechanical 
    The mechanical rough-in is installing the home HVAC system including ductwork. We perform the mechanical rough-in first. This is to ensure that all of the ducts fit and so that electrical wires or plumbing pipes are not blocking the path. 
  • Plumbing
    Plumbing rough-in includes both water and gas line installations. All hot-water pipes, cold-water pipes, and gas lines to appliances will be installed at this point in the construction process. These pipes will be capped off until a later stage of the project. Fixtures are not installed in the rough-in.
  • Electrical
    Electrical rough-in includes laying out lines, mounting junction boxes, pulling wiring, grounding, and setting up the electrical panel in most cases. The wiring is not connected to any switches, outlets, or devices at this stage. 

Inspecting the Work

Once the rough-in is completed and it has been inspected and approved, the project can move on to the next stage of construction. Providing the highest standard in quality service is our mission at Guardian Homes. We strive to make sure that your project goes according to plan. We inspect each step thoroughly and ensure that everything has been done according to code. You can trust that your Guardian home is built to last.

Talk to our expert home builders in Idaho to discuss how we can help you get started building your dream home. We also now serve Park City, Utah, and offer our same level of expertise to homeowners interested in building a luxury home near Park City, Utah

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